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(aka, the brutally honest, business-losing page)

What are your Hours?

All Hours are by Appointment Only. 

Please do not just stop by, as I may be unable to service your request. Please Call, Email, Text Message, or use the "Let's Chat" function. I will return your call. 

I want "X". 

For all intents and purposes, What I have listed on my products page is what I have for sale. While it may seem counter to my business, I do NOT sell Geese for eating - Point blank, it's not profitable and it's not worth my time arguing for prices that you're not going to want to pay.

If the item is not in "Stock", That doesn't mean I don't have it. Some things, like Goslings, are difficult to ship because they'
re fragile.

I want a refund/To Return.

Sometimes, things don't go according to plan. Please contact me and let me know what the issue is. Whatever the issue, we can come to a resolution. 
Note: Because of my NPIP and Biosecurity requirements, I CANNOT house your discarded or rehomed animal. I am -NOT- a sanctuary. All animals that come back to me will go to slaughter and be used as food. I should be your LAST stop before you bring an animal to me. 

Can I Have a discount?

Short Answer: No. 

Long Answer: It depends. 

Recurring purchases, Large quantity purchase amount agreements and Contracts are all subject to price adjustments in your favor. I'm not going to give you a discount just because the guy down the street sells whatever for 2 bucks less. Go buy from him. I know what My Product is, and i've priced it according to that Quality, Local Market Values, My Time, and Feed Cost rates.

I want females only!

You and everyone else. 
I have a 98% sex-cess rate on determining the sex of all my hatches. All of my chickens are auto-sexing, and I can vent-sex waterfowl with ease. 

This obviously excludes shipped eggs. 

Can you deliver or meet?


All sales of live animals must be picked up on location.

Please setup an appointment. 

What is NPIP? 

It's a way to take more money from you, obviously. 

Not really.

NPIP Means

"National Poultry Improvement Program". 

Overall, this program is a way to ensure biosecurity measures are implemented, and periodic Avian Influenza and Pollurum Typhoid testing is done. This means you get disease free and healthy eggs and birds.

Does it mean I can charge a little more?

Yes. Absolutely - but it doesn't mean that I'm going to take advantage of you. 

I hear you take Roosters? 

This is true. I will buy any rooster you have with a few caveats. 

-Roosters must be in good health. No mites, Coccidiosis, runny off-color poops or seriously underweight birds. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
-I do -NOT- take Silkies, Frizzles, Bantams, Polish or any other small breeds. 
-You must bring them to me.
-You must setup an appointment. 
-$5 for Beginning to crow and older. $3 for no crow and younger. 
-You must accept that any Rooster turned over to me will be used for food production. I am -NOT- a sanctuary... But i'll take that jerk off your hands and allow you to restore peace to your coop. 

I'll also take - Older Pekins, White Breasted Turkey, and Muscovy Drakes. Same rules above apply. 


You're an A**hole!

While some of my ideals are counter-customer, I am a small business and a reserve the right to refuse business to anyone - even my own Mother.

The amount of nonsense that comes my way on a daily basis is absolutely staggering. If you feel that you can't agree to my policies... Sucks for you. There's always someone out there looking for a buck or two at any cost.


Good luck in your search; All my best. 

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