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Cayuga ducks are a fantastic breed to look at - Often shimmering blues, purples and greens. 
Cayugas are a true black duck, not a dark brown. 

As the birds get older, they fade out to white through multiple molts, often taking on a dalmation appearance. Just as pretty!

Cayugas are terrible fliers. They're apt to stick around your property and not wonder off. 




Breed Name   //   Cayuga
Other Name   //   None
Breed Purpose   //   Meat, Eggs, Exhibition, Ornamental, Pets
Special Notes   //   Easily Tamed, Docile, Friendly, Good as Pets
Breed Class  //    Medium
Broodiness   //   Average
Drake  //    About 3.6 kg
Duck   //   About 3.2 kg
Climate Tolerance  //    All Climates
Egg Color  //    Black or Dark Grey fading to White late in the season.
Egg Size   //   Large
Egg Weight  //    75-90 grams
Egg Productivity  //    Low
Flying Ability  //    Poor
Rarity //    Common
Varieties  //    Black
Country of Origin  //    United States

Cayuga Ducklings

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