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Mixed chicks. 
Rhode island reds, ISA Browns, Cinnamon queens. 

These are staright run. I do not sex, or hand pick and send you all males like the big hatcheries seem to do to me all the dang time. 

What hatches, is what you get. 


Place your order for the number you want, and they'll ship when they hatch. 

All chickens take 21 days to hatch. 
I do include a few extras to comp for losses. 
Cups of gro-gel are included in the box to make sure they are well hydrated in transit. 

If you're local, i do buy back roosters. 

I have a 3 day death policy. 
Once you receive your chicks, you:
- MUST feed them with crumble and water them. 
- The temp must be 95F in the brooder with no temp swings. Monitor this for a few days before you receive your delivery. Brood indoors or in a temp stable area that isn't drafty or prone to large swings in temps. 
- Styrofoam brooders are prone to large temp swings and humidity retention. Do NOT use these for brooding. 
- Substandard brooding conditions will get you a denial on a refund. 



Production chicks

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If you're not in the state of Maryland, you MUST provide the following details, or your order will be cancelled. 

    -Full Name
    -Phone Number
    -Email Address
    -Purpose of Birds

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