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Partner farm special!

These are bred and raised by The Hydrofarm on rt. 22 in Churchville. 
Charlie takes great care in ensuring piglets are healthy, and not inbred. 
With these pigs, you'll get great breed stock, or feeder pigs. 

Kune Kunes are pasture pigs, requiring very little input in terms of feed. 
They can survive and flourish in a open field grazing. 
If you have the pasture, they cost you nothing to keep.

They make great pets, are friendly and docile, though can be stubborn. 

As with all pigs, they grow tusks. They'll need a yearly trim - plan for this. 


First come, First serve!

All priced the same. 


All piglets have waddles under thier jowls. 

Kune Kune Piglets

Excluding Sales Tax
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