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Runner ducks are facinating. They often flock in groups, sticking close together while quacking violently. These guys are nervous as all get-out. They run, and stand vertically, only rarely flying - which the males do more than the females. 


Runners are great pest control ducks for your garden. Taking preference on the insects over your plants. Let them into your garden for a day, and they'll be sure to gobble up lots of bugs! That said... once they run out of bugs, they may go for the plants. Don't leave them in for extended periods of time. 


A light weight duck, only running 2-3lbs, they're not good for eating. 
But... They will lay you medium egg almost every day. 

My ducks lay eggs that range in pastel colors of green, blue, and pink - and of course white. 


Standard coloration on these is called "Fawn and White". I have a Chocolate runner and some Pencilled Runners, so you're likely to get some strikingly beautiful ducks. 


These ducks are TERRIBLE at brooding. They'll try, but will likely abandon the nest at the slighest disturbance. It's not reccomended to allow them to brood. 





Breed Name///    Indian Runner
Other Name///    Penguin Ducks, Bottle Necks, Runner Ducks, Stamper Ducks. 
Breed Purpose///    Eggs, Organic Pest Control
Special Notes///    Active, Docile, Excellent Foragers, Excellent Layers
Breed Class///    Light
Broodiness///    Poor
Drake///    1.6 to 2.3 kg
Duck///    1.4 to 2 kg
Climate Tolerance///    All Climates
Egg Color///    White, Greenish-White
Egg Size///    Large
Egg Weight///    65 to 80 grams
Egg Productivity///    Excellent
Flying Ability///    Poor
Rarity///    Common
Varieties///    The Indian Runner duck appears in many color varieties than any other breed of domestic duck. 14 color varieties are recognized by the British Waterfowl Standards. Which are Apricot Dusky, Apricot Trout, Black, Blue, Blue Dusky, Blue Trout, Chocolate, Cumberland Blue, Fawn, Mallard, Silver, Trout and White. And 8 color varieties are admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection which are Black, Buff, Chocolate, Cumberland Blue, Fawn, Gray, Penciled and White.
Country of Origin///    Believed to have originated in South East Asia, probably the islands of Indonesia.

Fawn and White Runner Ducklings

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