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American Buffs are a great goose to keep around the farm. 

Friendly, Docile, Poor fliers, and not known to attack you - They're safe around kids. 


These geese are a heavyweight breed - but not as big as embdens. 

American Buffs were used for meat production once upon a time, so if you choose to raise them up for this, they produce a fantastic christmas dinner. Make sure to finish them for 2 weeks on corn to bulk up that delicious goose fat. 


They Produce up to 45 eggs a hen per year, if you keep taking eggs from under her. 


Provided you interact with your geese often, there's no issue reaching under a actively broody hen. 


Geese are prey animals. You MUST talk to them when you interact. Predators are quiet, and you want to show them you're part of the flock. 

Relatively quiet - but can be loud when excited. 


Ganders make "okay" guard geese in that they can be noisy - but they are a passive deterrent. They will not attack a intruder. 


Overall, a great goose to have around. 





Breed Name///    American Buff
Other Name///    None
Breed Purpose///    Meat, eggs
Special Notes///    Hardy, well known for it’s relatively calm nature and docile temperament, good parents, take good care of the goslings, ideal for general purposes
Breed Class///    Medium to large
Ganders///    Around 8.2 Kg///    
Geese///    Around 7 Kg
Broodiness///    Good
Climate Tolerance///    All climates
Egg Color///    White
Egg Size///    Large
Egg Productivity///    15-25 eggs per year
Flying Ability///    Average
Varieties///    Standard and Tufted
Rarity///    Critical
Country/Place of Origin///    United States

American Buff Goslings

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