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These ducks are a rare breed of duck called "Black East Indie".

Similar to call ducks in size, and almost at chatty, they are great ducks to add to your flock for the cuteness factor. Hand rearing these ducks will get you a attentive and close pet. 

These ducks are able to fly, and they fly well. 
That said, if you feed them well, they stick around. 

They're great at foraging, requiring very little feed input. 

They are not great egg layers. They lay seasonally, and lay small eggs that range from white, to sooty, to black. 



Breed Name///    East Indies
Other Name///    Black East Indies duck
Breed Purpose///    Exhibition, Ornamental
Special Notes///    Friendly, Excellent Fliers
Breed Class///    Bantam
Broodiness///    Average
Drake///    About 0.7 to 0.9 kg
Duck///    About 0.45 to 0.7 kg
Climate Tolerance///    All Climates
Egg Color///    Black or Grey
Egg Size///    Medium
Egg Weight///    About 55 grams
Egg Productivity///    Low
Flying Ability///    Good
Rarity///    Common
Varieties///    Black
Country of Origin///    United States


Black East Indie Bantams

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