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They’ll ship out as they’re available.

You will be provided a tracking number and notification of shipment.


I expect them to begin laying again soon as the cold is beginning to let up and temps stabilize. 


Get 6 or 12 perfectly picked eggs meant for hatching.

1 or 2 extra eggs are included to boost hatch rates and account for shipping damage.


Your Eggs will be shipped to you as they become available.

You might get 1-2 eggs that are a cross with Hershey, Our Chocolate Drake.


Due to the way the packing boxes are made, I can only ship single orders of 14.

If you'd like more, please email - I can work out larger orders - As in, Taping boxes together.

Prices will reflect additional eggs and shipping.


If you'd like to pick up, Either pay and select "Local-Pickup", Or email me to setup a pickup date with cash on delivery.

Cost will drop by $5 when we exclude shipping materials.

Fawn and White Runner Duck Hatching Eggs

Excluding Sales Tax
Out of Stock
  • If you're not in the state of Maryland, you MUST provide the following details, or your order will be cancelled. 

    -Full Name
    -Phone Number
    -Email Address
    -Purpose of Birds

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