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Cotton patch geese are new here on the farm. 


Price is the same, male or female. 


Cotton patch geese are very similar to pilgrims, but a little smaller - about 3/4 the size. 

They have good, easy going temperments, are relatively quiet, autosexing on hatch, and unlike pilgrims - have pink feet and  bills. 

If you're looking for a good, friendly pet goose - this is a good addition to your flock. 
Cotton Patch geese are considered critically endangered, and you'd be helping preserve the breed. 


Cotton patch geese are NOT good livestock guardians. 




Breed Profile:

  • Breed Name     -     Cotton Patch
  • Other Names     -     Weeder geese
  • Breed Purpose     -    Meat, eggs, weeding, grease, pets
  • Special Notes     -     Very hardy and active, well adapted to the climate of the southeastern United States, heat tolerant, good flying ability, excellent foragers, very good for extensive management system (clipping a wing is acceptable to prevent flying)
  • Breed Class     -     Medium
  • Weight     -    Ganders    4 to 5.5 Kg     -     Geese    3.6 to 4.5 Kg
  • Broodiness    -    Good
  • Climate Tolerance    -    All climates
  • Egg Color    -     White
  • Egg Size    -    Large
  • Egg Productivity    -     Average
  • Flying Ability     -      Good
  • Varieties      -     Single
  • Rarity    -     Critically endangered
  • Place of Origin     -     United States



Cotton Patch Goslings

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