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Piglets coming soon!

They MUST be picked up in person. 


-Juliana Mini Pigs are a true mini-pig - On average, they hit around 70lbs provided they're not overfed. This means a cup and a half per day, per pig. NO MORE. 

-Having a very friendly and intelligent disposition, they can be described as dog-like, seeking you out for treats and bonding with you, often nudging your legs to get your attention. 
-They can be trained to use a litter box. Males are fine with a normal cat box, females need a high wall box to prevent "over shoot", since urine goes about a foot out the back. 
-These mini-pigs do root - but they're not super destructive like large hogs. Obviously releasing them on a fresh cut nice lawn is a bad idea... but they'll eat all your japanese beetle grubs!
-If you put them in with chickens, they do a great job turning over the run bed and keeping it composting... i haven't had a chicken death from  one of these pigs, so chicken safety isn't a concern. 
-All pigs grow tusks, these slower than others.  You'll have to plan for a tusk and nail trim in a year and a half or so. 
-Pigs do NOT like to be picked up. Pigs can scream very loudly, often hitting around 115db - it sounds like you're killing them just by holding them. Plan for this. 
-This breed is considered quiet - they squeak and squeal, but it's not loud(excluding the above). 

-Please make sure you have a strong pen to contain the pigs. While they don't challenge fences, they do like to scratch and lean on fences - a fence that breaks will be a easy out. Catching a pig is difficult, as they can really run quite fast. I can not help you catch a lost pig. 

I want you to be informed. I want piglets to go to a long-term home. 
If you are unsure of something, I'd rather you know and I not make a sale, than to have the piglet suffer or be poorly maintained. 


*Price is per piglet.
*Temperment is good between both sexes, so there's not really a reason to choose one sex over the other based on this. As with all animals, the more time you spend with them, the better temperament they have.  I've actually found the males to be much friendlier, and less skittish than the females overall. 
*Males are not castrated - Muddy Creek does this for a reasonable cost. They don't stink if they aren't castrated, but just get very... humpy...  during the in season - especially if you have a female. 
*Price ranges between 200-250 depending on coloration. Discounts for multiple piglets apply. 
*All piglets will be sold at 8 weeks or older. No Exceptions. 



PLEASE do your research on Julianas and what it takes to keep a pig. They're also called "Painted pigs" as you can get some wild coloration out of them. Piglet vs Adult colorations may change(Stripes usually don't stick around, but base color does)

PLEASE Check your local regulations on keeping pigs. Some jurisdictions do not allow keeping of "Hogs" regardless of whether they are used as pets. Don't be part of the problem when it comes to homeless animals. DE RESIDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE HOGS unless they're on the "approved" list. You need papers for these approved hogs. I do not provide papers. 


**These are not Micro or Teacup pigs. **
**These are not in-bred, re-bred or underfed to create smaller piglets**
You're welcome to see the parents to get a feel for adult size, as they are on-site. 

Juliana Mini Pigs

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