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Kahki Campbells... Ahh.. The defacto standard for duck egg production. 

These guys will lay large eggs, reliably.
They're friendly, good foragers, can be a bit chatty, and are a pleasure to watch. 
Good ducks all around for a first time duck keeper. 


Kahkis, while not apt to fly, can. They're not good fliers, but if startled or chased by a predator, can fly away - Often to return. Make sure you feed them well to reinforce this trait :)




Breed Name///    Khaki Campbell
Other Name///    None
Breed Purpose///    Eggs
Special Notes///    Active, Calm, Excellent Foragers, Energetic, Strong, Friendly
Breed Class///    Light
Broodiness///    Average
Weight///    1.3 to 2.2 kg
Climate Tolerance///    All Climates
Egg Color///    White or Tinted
Egg Size///    Large
Egg Weight///    Average 70 grams
Egg Productivity///    High
Flying Ability///    Medium
Rarity///    Common
Varieties///    Khaki
Country of Origin///    England

Kahki Campbell Ducklings

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