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Looking for a Muscovy drake to eat?

Wanna wow your friends for Christmas?

Want a duck that's raised Caribbean style?


I'm your man. 


I raise my ducks with as little grain as possible. They're fed lots of vegetables, tumeric, ginger, pumpkins, spent brewing grains, meats, plate scrapings from a Caribbean Restaurant and whatever other waste food i can get. 


These Drakes are raised to 26 weeks of age - just a couple of weeks over when they become sexually mature. This allows the testosterone to add a bit of gamey flavor to the drake and make the meat more desirable. 


Drakes are finished with 2 weeks of corn and confined to a smaller run. This allows them to add a bit of fat and not work it off with exercise. If i didn't do this, you'd get a very lean, athletic drake with little to no fat stored on them. Keep in mind, this is just a little added fat - Nothing like what you'd get in a pekin duck which seems to be mostly fat with little meat. 


Please be cognizant of the fact that there is a finishing period. You MUST place an order ahead of time to allow for this finishing period, otherwise you won't get any fat on your Drake - But that's really your preference. 


If you've never had Muscovy before, they're nothing like a Greasy Pekin duck. 

Muscovy aren't a true duck - They land somewhere between a duck and goose. They're considered "Perching Waterfowl". While Muscovies can crossbreed with mallard derived ducks, they won't produce fertile offspring - Think Mule. These infertile offsping are called Moullards - Still valuable for food and preferred by the French. 


Muscovies also have Red meat - Flavorful and tender, akin to a good steak. If you were served a nice T-bone next to a plate of Muscovy, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference(aside from structure of the meat). 


Please understand, i'm just beginning to spin this up - My stock is low right now - as in close to none. I've establised a breeding flock in prep for next year to hatch out a lot of ducks - hundreds. 


Please click the "Notify Me" button to be emailed when they are available and be able to place and order. 


On a side note- I know my prices are higher than other people. 

This comes from the limited space I have, and how I specially raise my ducks for a specific taste. I want to bring you the best product possible, and some of that money will go to expansion. This will allow me to bring my prices down in the future. I want to be your supplier for Caribbean style duck, and your support will go a long way to that!


Additionally, I'm not a "One Stop Shop". I don't have the means or the time to slaughter or clean these birds - It's why i charge a flate rate, and not price per pound. It sucks, i know. However, Right down the street from me there is a Halal slaughterhouse called A1 Livestock And Poultry. Take your drakes there, and they'll slaughter while you wait. Located on Rt. 40, just a short drive from me - and conveniently, Right across the street from Ray's Caribbean where you can get Lunch or Dinner while you wait!



All my best - Ryan

Muscovy Drakes (For Eating)

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