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Pilgrim geese are the standard on friendly geese. 


Great temperments, very friendly, and can be a house goose if you so desire. 


These geese recognize thier names when called, as they're very intelligent birds. 

Good foragers, often requiring very little input. 


I wouldn't consider them great for meat production, as they take a long while to reach their maximum weight and are still, in my eyes, a medium weight goose. However - you can still eat them, and they're excellent.... but why would you wanna eat such a sweetie?


These geese are Auto sexing on hatch. One of the only 2 breeds in existence to autosex. 
Males will have a pink/orange bill, and females will have a dark olive bill on hatch. 


These geese are non-aggressive. They make very poor livestock guardians, even passively. 

Do not buy these geese if you're looking to protect your chickens. It doesn't work. 




Breed Name///        Pilgrim
Breed Purpose///        Meat
Special Notes///        Rugged, relatively quiet, docile temperament, excellent foragers, excellent for home goose flock, excellent natural parents, males and females are easily identified by their color, geese on average lay about 35 to 45 eggs per year
Breed Class///        Medium
Ganders///        6.3-8.2 Kg///        
Geese///        5.4-7.3 Kg
Broodiness///        Average
Climate Tolerance///        All climates
Egg Color///        White
Egg Size///        Large
Egg Productivity///        35-45 eggs per year
Flying Ability///        Average
Varieties///        Single
Rarity///        Critical
Origin///        United States

Pilgrim Goslings

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