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Swedish blue ducks are a really neat looking duck. 

You can get ducks from this line that range in color - from a light cream, a slate blue, to black. All ducks will have a magpie or tuxedo look - white wingtips with a white chest. 

These ducks are a mediumweight breed, suitable for meat production if you see fit. 

They lay a light cream/white egg that is large. 

Flying ability is poor, and they wont fly away. 


This is a mallard derived duck. 




Breed Name//////    Swedish Blue
Other Name///    Blue Swedish
Breed Purpose///    Dual Purpose (eggs & meat)
Special Notes///    Calm, Friendly, Docile, Very Hardy
Breed Class///    Medium
Broodiness///    Average
Ducks///    2.5 to 3.5 kg
Drakes///    3 to 4 kg
Climate Tolerance///    All Climates
Egg Color///    Mainly white, also lay green or blue tinted eggs
Egg Size///    Large
Egg Weight///    80-95 grams
Egg Productivity///    Medium
Flying Ability///    Poor
Rarity///    Common
Varieties///    Blue, Black, Chocolate, Rust, Splash
Country of Origin///    Sweden

Swedish Blue Ducklings

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