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Welsh Harlequin ducks are friendly and docile. They're good egg layers that produce large white eggs every couple of days. 

Welshes brood well, and take care of the ducklings. 

They're also beautiful birds, with tawny over white feathers, and irridecent blue/green wing flourishes. 

This is a mallard derived duck. 


Breed Name///    Welsh Harlequin
Other Name///    None
Breed Purpose///    Egg layer
Special Notes///    Calmer, Friendly, Docile
Breed Class///    Light
Broodiness///    Average
Weight///    2 to 2.5 kg
Climate Tolerance///    All Climates
Egg Color///    White
Egg Size///    Large
Egg Weight///    75-85 grams
Egg Productivity///    High
Flying Ability///    Poor
Rarity///    Common
Varieties///    Silver & Golden
Origin///    Wales

Welsh Harlequin Ducklings

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